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Intelligent Building management system

Numerous sensors and meters are dotted around the building, measuring electricity usage, lighting performance, heating and cooling efficiency and air quality. Smart technologies deliver information to your desktop, tablet or mobile in real time. Powerful analytical tools to help inform how you use the building and further reduce consumption.

Led Lighting

At 5.1 watts/m2 our lighting system is at least 50% more efficient than a typical installation found elsewhere. Clever, computerised optimisation of the lighting strategy means energy consumption is further reduced and sizeable heat loads are removed from the building, negating the requirement for excessive cooling.

Recycled Materials

Use of select construction materials such as glass, concrete and steel are used to minimise embodied carbon. Structural steel has been sourced locally, and is made with 60% recycled content. Glass is made from 30% recycled materials, and has been carefully selected based on its E-value to maximise transmission efficiency. Furthermore, 95% of the previous building was recycled after the demolition.


The total CO2 savings achieved from all the clever features we’ve installed is more than 43 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to a 25.3% reduction in regulated CO2 emissions.


You will undoubtedly catch a glimpse of green at Kings House. With an extensive 700m2 of the roof space to be green, which equates to an impressive 55% of the total roof space. In addition we have a further 70m2 featured north facing green wall - all helping to support local ecology and biodiversity.


Kings House will use cutting edge solar photovoltaic panels on the roof to create additional energy – in turn the panels will save nearly 6 tonnes of CO2, generating 11800 kWh, the equivalent of making over 393,000 cups of tea.

Breeam Excellent

The building will be rated “Excellent” by Europe’s leading rating agency, BREEAM.


Kings House provides 56 cycle spaces for visitors and employees. There are also Santander Bikes located adjacent to Kings House, which will encourage diverse travel options.

Showers and changing facilities

Your staff will love the 6 generously sized showers, designed with a sense of flair.